Date posted: May 9 at 12:29 PM

Robert C. Rasmussen:

You guys look like your getting ready to head out to Woodstock! (smile)

Kevin Slator

My older brother, on the left, juuuust missed out. Osseo ’70 grad, or he probably would have been there!

Laura Hawdon Roessler:

So sorry Kevin. I remember Brian so well.

Kevin Slator:

Laura Hawdon Roessler Thanks. He was such a big part of our lives.

Audrey Ruth Slator Omar:

I remember asking about woodstock, and he told me that in MN at the time it hadn’t seemed like such a big deal. He didn’t know anyone travelling all the way to N.Y. for it. And once I asked him if he had been a hippy, and he said, firmly, “I always had a job.” (crying laughter)

Nancy Slator:

Except when he took that cross-country motorcycle trip! And when he was bumming around Europe at 17, but then he paid for that with his after-school job at Farrell’s.

Laurie Norton:

I’m so sorry for your loss, Kevin.

Richard Fogal:

Sorry for your loss Kevin. Peace to you and your family

Patti Jensen:

Oh Kevin… so incredibly sorry for this huge loss!

Lori Rathburn:

What a great picture. Sympathy to you and your family Kevin

Brian Hawkins:

Sorry for your loss Kevin. Peace for you and yours.

Cori Lichtenberg:

Sending love.

Lori Champion French:

I’m sorry, Kevin.

Lynnae Solarz Sniker:

My condolences to you and your family.

Kris Zelinski McNeely:

So sorry to hear of your loss, Kevin. I hope dear memories bring you peace and comfort.

Lisa Ellram:

So sorry, Kevin. My good thoughts and sympathies to you and your family. Peace and comfort to all of you.

John Rooney:

Sorry, Kevin. Tough times.

Jonathan Carter:

I’m sorry for your loss, Kevin.

Terry Nixon Conn:

So sorry Kevin. (love)

Gretchen Ronsdotter:

So very sorry for your loss, Kevin. And you too, Patrick. Words just aren’t enough. (broken heart)

Ann Merrill:

Kevin- so very sorry to hear of the loss of your dear brother. Condolences to the entire family.

Beth Bailey:

I’m so sorry.

Sue Schabert:

I’m so sorry for you loss, Kevin.

Catherine Carey:

I’m so sorry you lost your brother, Kevin. May God bless you and your family during this sad time.

Linda Vincent Johnson:

So sorry for your loss.

Leon L. Rankin:

So sorry to hear about Brian. My deepest condolences to you and your family.

Laura Anderson Gjestvang:

We are praying for comfort and peace as you reminisce on the memories of your brother.

Terry Jandro:

Terry Jandro What a great picture

Maggie Simcoe Barbur:

I am so very sorry for your loss Kevin! Sounds like a very accomplished loving man. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Deepest sympathies to you and your family (sad) (prayers)

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