Date posted: May 9 at 12:28 PM

Nancy Slator College:

graduation? He borders on distinguished-looking.

Kevin Slator:

I believe so.

Kay Kirscht:

Nancy Slator I’m so sorry – blasted heart trouble, and what a thief it is. My Condolences.

Laura Hawdon Roessler:

Warm eyes

Tim Cook:

Red blooded Canuck. So sorry for your loss. What happened to him, if I might ask?

Nancy Slator:

Sudden heart failure last weekend. 🙁

Tim Cook:

Thanks Nancy. Wow. You guys wrap yourselves up in memories of him.

Ginny Delisi:

I so sorry for your loss.

Mary Kay Stinar:

Good looking Irishman! Taken too soon. (sad)

Kevin Slator:

We both did the ‘stache at different times. (smile)

Audrey Ruth Slator Omar:

I remember not being able to tell your pictures apart when I was little.

Mary O’Leary:

I’m sorry, Slator family.

Caitlin Slator:

Wow, I really see how much you guys look alike in this photo!

Brian Ledin:

Very sorry Kevin. Peace to you and family.

Cindi Rose:

My condolences!

Donna Swanson:

Oh Kevin Slator I am so sorry.

Paul Stinar:

Sorry for your loss. Prayers to you and your family

Cheryl Dammar Morgan:

So sorry for your loss.

Marsha Weidner:

Prayers that God gives you peace during this time of loss. My condolences Kevin.

Heidi Thayer:

I’m so very sorry Kevin.

Terri Momsen:

So very sorry for your loss, Kevin. Losing a sibling stinks.

Kevin Slator:

I think about your sister sometimes when I’m on that area of Hwy 61. (crying)

Linda Cherek:

So sorry to hear of your loss , Kevin. Peace and blessings in the days ahead.

Sarah Piotraschke:

Peace and love to you at this time of heartache, Kevin.

Gail Polk-Pearson:

So sorry for the loss of your brother Kevin. May your memories provide you comfort and the feeling of peace in the days ahead. You certainly resemble him. Sending air hugs!

Katherine McDowall:

Oh gosh I am so sorry Kevin. 🙁 Prayers for all.

Gianna Marie Haley:

Sorry for your loss (broken heart)

Terry Nixon Conn:

I’m so sorry to hear. Hugs. (love)

Frank S Poitra:

Prayers for the entire family

Kelsey Cariveau:

I’m so sorry for your loss, Kevin and family. (love)

Lynn Arcand:

I am sorry for your loss. May you know God’s peace and comfort.

Kim OConnell Thomas:

Such sad news Kevin.Prayers of comfort…God bless.

Mary Sutton Andrews:

I am sorry for your loss, Kevin.

Sara Doherty Harrison:

Sorry for your loss, Kevin and family. (love)

Lesley Klis Snyder:

So sorry for your loss, Kevin. Peace to you and family.

Lori Scheller:

So sorry for your loss!

Karla Peterson Simonson:

So, so sorry, Kevin.

Larry Capecchi:

Love and prayers to you and your family during this time of sorrow.

Carol Bradbury:

So sorry (prayers)

Little Teena:

So sorry, Kevin. Peace to you and your family. (broken heart)

Wendy Olson:

Holding you and your family in the Light.

Megan Prebelich Engelhardt:

Kevin, I am so sorry. Sending good thoughts and prayers to you and your family.

Jacki Betz:

So sorry for your loss Kevin. Prayers to you and your family.

Mike Slator:

Love you, Dad.

Marty Cole:

Sorry I’m slow to react lately. So very sorry for your loss. Our prayers to you, Peggy and the whole clan.

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