Date posted: May 10 at 2:13 PM

Rita here, Damn I wish this man were here with me today.


Gail Slator:

my heart is holding you right now, Rita. So sorry…I just cannot imagine what you must be feeling xo

Donna Fritzsche:

Our hearts go out to you. So glad I was able to know Brian and that I met you thru him at ILS happy hours! I was always so glad that you attended!

Donna Fritzsche:

Rita Slator knowing that you love music, I would like to point you to Sunday music at this station – its a very good mix of folk,
world, caring music. I find it warms my day

Maurine McCort:
And he would want to be with you.

Craig Stockwell:

I’m so sorry to hear of Brian passing, Rita. I got to know Brian through an IGERT grant we co-authored. I remember him having quick wit an amazing ability to craft witty acronyms. I most enjoyed seeing Brian with his Batman hat, it always made me smile. My heart goes out to you and your family. Craig Stockwell

Anna Tuohy Halligan:

Memories are made of this. X

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